Installation Instructions

If you want just the japanese version, it’s alright to just click and drag the folder contained in the zip folder to a folder in your program files named Sono Hanabira, and just navigate to the folder and find the HANABIRA#.EXE file, right click it, and click send to > desktop.  However, if you want the english translated versions, for the first one just follow the steps above, and for the other ones, follow these steps:

1.) Navigate to where you downloaded the .zip file and open it, then click-and-drag the folder to your desktop.

2.) Open up the folder on the desktop, and double-click the setup.exe file.  This will bring up a japanese dialouge window.

3.) Click the button to the left, as indicated in the graphic below.  This will bring up the options menu.
4.) I’m not sure what any of the check boxes are for, but you don’t need them to install the game.  Just click the left button at the far bottom.
5.)An installation progress box will appear, wait for it to finish installing, then it will bring you back to the main screen, but with an additional option.  Click the button on the far right.  When it asks you ‘yes’ or ‘no’, click ‘yes’.  Congratulations, the game is installed.
6.)Now download the file from the respective translation blog page, and double click it, and run through the installation.  It should automatically detect the installation directory.  If you want to run the game, or just want to send a shortcut to your desktop, open up ‘My Computer’, navigate to C:\Program Files\ふぐり屋\ and go to the folder of the game, which will also be in japanese.  In that folder, find ‘HANABIRA#.EXE’ (where # is the number of the game), right-click it, and click ‘send to > desktop’.  If you just wanted to hide the file from the prying eyes of siblings/guardians/friends, keep it in the program files, and just navigate to the same folder and double-click the file, and enjoy the game.


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