Hanabira OVA Package + Drama CD

So I greeted the mailman half naked with superficial formalities to receive my naughty package from Japan!

As you can see from the little tags, I ordered my copies from AMP and Getchu – receiving the respective phone cards (DAMN I WANT A BROWN MAI PHONECARD)

If you’re wondering why I bought two copies, the extra copy is to gift the lead translator of a few Hanabira projects who is hard working and cool beyond belief. And also the ulterior motive of collecting the phone cards.

I’ve updated the drama CD page with the newest addition. God they’re cute, check it out

Suki Suki Mai-san


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9 Responses to Hanabira OVA Package + Drama CD

  1. AXYPB says:

    I can only assume the drama CD takes place the morning after the OVA ended.

  2. Yi says:

    So many beautiful additional artworks!! This is really nice.

    Btw. Thanks for the dl link.

  3. MilkCat says:

    You buy 2
    The cards all same?
    Is front side and reverse side?
    Sorry my English isn’t so good.
    Is all what translation come out.

  4. MilkCat says:

    Have six kinds ofs?
    I only find out 2 kinds.
    Your top the bind hair of I didn’t find out.
    Only find out what satin bring.
    Or thank you to tell me very much.

  5. MilkCat says:

    I also bought a DVD.
    But could not find the rest…
    Only to find two.
    You can link to see pictures.^^

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