(Mai x Reo) Zutto Issho no Natsu Project

Zutto Issho no Natsu

I am considering slowly translating this drama cd out of interest into a readable document script and passing it onto whoever is interested.
You’re probably thinking oh cool, but really I have no formal training or education regarding the japanese language other than a hobby standpoint so expect very slow progress.

However I’ll attempt to contact Bonku as I heard she loves Mai and Reo as much as I do! Anyone who’s willing to lend a hand is welcome also, and thank you to Tsukimori who gave a thumbs up to this

Update EDIT: I’ve came into contact with Bonku and she is an amazing person. She is keenly interested as I am in terms of grips with this drama cd – hurray!


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3 Responses to (Mai x Reo) Zutto Issho no Natsu Project

  1. MyraMyra says:


  2. Yi says:

    Thanks for taking on this project and best of luck!!

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